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I decided to study biomedical engineering because when i´m doing my social service in a hospital in the area of clinical laboratory, one day a reader of urinary exams and delay the diagnoses that doctors needed decomposed , this impact me too much and I realized I now health needs of technology to solve faster health problems .
I'm totally sure I chose the right for my profession , because no other that challenges me as it is biomedicine.
My heroes are my parents , because they make it impossible to achieve my dreams and this fighting for them , someday thank them for all they do for me when I become a successful engineer.
basketball I played when I was in the secunadaria and was selected to represent my state Guerrero , but now I do not practice , however go to the gym .
I have no favorite author.


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Hi people!! this is my mastery13 and this is the web page from help me about to know how to Importing and using C++ libraries  and this is my video about it


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Hi guys!!! This is my mastery 04 about how to Submit work via Blog RSS and GitHub


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Hi guys !! This is the Mastery14 entitled create libraries , and for this I found an article where I explain how to do it , plus you can ask questions about it , I found it interesting and quite helpful to know how to create a library in c ++.   Here I leave the link.  


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Hi guys!!! This is Mastery12, and you can check it in my video right here!!

and check my code here!!