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I decided to study biomedical engineering because when i´m doing my social service in a hospital in the area of clinical laboratory, one day a reader of urinary exams and delay the diagnoses that doctors needed decomposed , this impact me too much and I realized I now health needs of technology to solve faster health problems .
I'm totally sure I chose the right for my profession , because no other that challenges me as it is biomedicine.
My heroes are my parents , because they make it impossible to achieve my dreams and this fighting for them , someday thank them for all they do for me when I become a successful engineer.
basketball I played when I was in the secunadaria and was selected to represent my state Guerrero , but now I do not practice , however go to the gym .
I have no favorite author.


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Hi guys! just a week of my final exam , the plan all worked for MASTERYS , I made ​​them on weekends but not up because it took too long to load , the project was started with my partner two weeks ago and good yesterday the teacher gave us good approval, now only left me two WSQ to finish and that was it this semester programming :)


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Hi people!! this is my mastery13 and this is the web page from help me about to know how to Importing and using C++ libraries  and this is my video about it


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Hi guys!!! This is my mastery 04 about how to Submit work via Blog RSS and GitHub